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The Assembly Apartments

The magnificent brick and stone Assembly Building was constructed in 1890 for the assembly of large machines. Originally, the Assembly Building has a clear interior height of 80 feet. This soaring space reflects the enormity of the machines Poole & Hunt was able to manufacture. During the early 20th century a 65-foot, 500 ton sand wheel (the largest in the world at the time) was assembled in the building. Badly damaged by fire in 1995, the Assembly Building was only a shell when Struever Bros. Eccles & Rouse acquired it.

This renovated building houses 36 one- and two-bedroom, loft-style apartments, built within the shell of the original building with an open air courtyard in the middle. The first floor has 10,000 square feet of office and retail space.

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millrace wide

Millrace Condominiums

This building takes its name from the millrace that runs west to east through the site. It once provided power and cooling to the machinery operated by the foundry. The Millrace building site formerly housed the Machine Shop ca. 1853. In the Machine Shop, workers refined castings made in the foundry and assembled smaller parts. The Machine Shop tragically burned in 1995, claiming the life of one Baltimore City fire fighter. The new Millrace Building stands on its site.

Blending the old with the new, this newly constructed 4-story brick building consists of 62 one- and two-bedroom condos built over a basement level garage.

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Overlook Clipper Mill

Contemporary Park Homes in a unique setting with wooded views and the latest in sustainable design options.


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Tractor Building

The brick Tractor Building was constructed in 1916 and, like the Assembly Building, was used for the assembly of large machines. The Tractor Building accommodated cranes and pits. Mill equipment and aircraft gun houses are among the products once assembled in the building.

The Tractor Building now provides parking for the residents and tenants of the Assembly Building.  Plans are in the works to renovate this building into residential and office space.